Three reasons to measure pH in-line

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pH is a critical parameter in many aspects of production: from setting the conditions for a reaction to happen, to the management of the reaction’s process quality, and from sustaining process equipment integrity, to avoiding environmental pollution and health hazards.

Dynamics of chemical processes require the availability of reliable pH results in sufficient time to allow proper control. Many chemical companies use both in-line pH measurements and lab pH measurements, but rely on the latter for controlling processes. This is often due to mistrust of data from in-line sensors. Most of this skepticism finds its root cause in a misunderstanding of the implications of not measuring continuously and the influence of temperature on pH. When properly implemented, using the real-time measurements from in-line pH instrumentation can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to control key parts of processes. Conversely, using lab measurements can result in expensive overuse of reagents, or insufficient reagent use, which could negatively impact process flow.

This white paper discusses why lab pH measurements can be misleading, and why in-line pH measurement with modern sensors is a more reliable choice.

The amount of maintenance needed to keep sensors clean, accurate and in service has always been a con­cern. Ensuring a stable, reliable signal without interfer­ence has been another. As a result, process engineers usually only install in-line pH measurement if no alter­native means to process control are found.

To resolve this, METTLER TOLEDO developed Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®), a powerful and unique digital technology integrated into analytical sensors. ISM boosts the measurement performance and reliabil­ity of in-line pH sensors to a level far exceeding traditional analog probes. Moreover, it also counters the tedious cleaning and calibration activities in the field that analog sensors require. In conjunction with iSense™ calibration software, maintenance of ISM pH sensors becomes an easy and guided procedure. Further, ISM sensors can be conveniently calibrated in the maintenance shop.

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