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Paratherm - Fluid Roundup

By Paratherm |

  Paratherm™ NF– For long service life at high operating temperatures. Low pour point and low viscosity at ambient temperatures reduce the start-up time required for frequent cold start-ups.A carefully engineered blend of mineral oils refined by multiple hydrotreatment processes, Paratherm NF exhibits extreme purity and high naphthenic content. Advantageous interaction between paraffinic content and heightened naphthenic content results in high density with low viscosity.
  Paratherm™ HE- For continuous service in fired heaters. Exceptionally durable in systems that operate with vented expansion tanks. High flash point for critical areas.Paratherm HE heat transfer fluid is an economical, highly-refined, mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid formulated for service in closed-loop heat transfer systems to 590°F.
  Paratherm™ OR- Prevents sludge and deposits that occur when hot fluid is repeatedly exposed to air. Reduces maintenance costs, increases equipment up-time.The Paratherm OR sludge-resistant heat transfer fluid has substantial oxidation resistance and extended service life. This zero-pressure fluid provides precise, uniform temperature control to 500°F in closed-loop thermal oil systems where the heat transfer fluid is more than occasionally exposed to air.
  Paratherm™ MR- Single-fluid heating and cooling capability. Non-aromatic formula easy to work with. Can be used in any standard thermal fluid (hot oil) system.The Paratherm MR mid-range heat transfer fluid is rated for service from 36°F to 550°F. It is efficient across the temperature range, thermally stable and cost-effective. Non-aromatic, non-toxic, food-grade fluid.
 Paratherm LR™ (Low-Range) Heat Transfer Fluid-Image Paratherm™ LR- Replaces glycol/water solutions where contamination by water presents process safety/product quality problems, or when higher fluid temperatures become required. Nonhazardous formula contains no aromatics.Paratherm LR heat transfer fluid is an aliphatic-hydrocarbon based heat transfer fluid designed for use in closed-loop, liquid phase heating and cooling systems up to 450°F in electric and steam heaters and down to a -58°F surface temperature in direct-expansion exchangers.
  Paratherm™ GLT- An alkylated aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating systems to 550°F.Paratherm GLT Heat Transfer Fluid exhibited almost 40% less degradation when exposed to 600°F (316°C) for 500 hours than a widely used competitive fluid. Although very few heaters expose the fluid to the maximum film temperature for extended periods, this level of stability helps insure that your system operates trouble free during operating upsets.
  Paratherm™ HR- An alkylated-aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating to 675°F in waste heat recovery and full convection heaters.Paratherm HR Heat Transfer Fluid offers greater thermal stability than competitive aromatic based fluids that cover similar temperature ranges. Testing (ASTM D6743) shows that, compared to its closest competitor, Paratherm HR Heat Transfer Fluid experiences 1/2 the amount of fluid degradation when maintained at 700°F for 500 hours.


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