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Lower Measurement Point Costs with Automatic pH Sensor Cleaning

By Mettler Toledo CE |

Process conditions in chemical production are often challenging for in-line instrumentation. EasyClean™ 200 e is a robust and automated sensor cleaning system that helps keep pH probes operating at their best, and can increase their lifetime by more than 30 %.

Reduce time-consuming maintenance
In chemical production, pH sensors can quickly become clogged and contaminated by process media. Using water and a cleaning agent, EasyClean 200 e in combination with a retractable housing, thoroughly washes sensors to maintain measurement accuracy and increase sensor lifespan.

Maintaining accurate pH measurements in wet gas scrubbers
A common application of pH measurement is in the removal of sulfur dioxide from gas streams using wet gas scrubbers. The absorption and precipitation of sulfur dioxide are critically dependent on the pH value of the scrubbing solution, which contains lime, limestone or hydrated lime.

During scrubber operation, lime particles precipitate on the pH sensor’s glass membrane and diffuse into the diaphragm or form a layer on the diaphragm’s surface. The result is large measurement errors and sluggish response.

Using an EasyClean 200 e and a retractable housing, the pH sensor in the scrubber can be regularly withdrawn into the housing for cleaning with acid or detergent, and rinsing, without any personnel involvement. This regime provides higher confidence in pH sensor measurements and better control over scrubbing operations.

Rugged transmitter for chemical processes
Operation of the EasyClean 200 e is set via an M400 transmitter. The M400’s high-contrast touchscreen and four soft keys allow you to operate the transmitter even in the harshest applications, without compromising ease of operation. The unit’s extremely compact and sturdy stainless steel enclosure ensures safe application in the presence of aggressive cleaning chemicals and high temperatures; making it ideal for chemical production applications.

Longer sensor lifetime
Regular cleaning is not the only way of increasing pH sensor lifetime. With an EasyClean 200 e and retractable sensor housing system, it is possible to insert the probe into the process only when measurement is required. For the rest of the time it can be stored securely in the flushing chamber of the housing. This can dramatically increase sensor lifetime and contribute to lower measurement point expenditure.

Safer and more effective measurement points
EasyClean 200 e reduces the maintenance costs of in-line sensors while also increasing operational safety. You achieve a safer work environment and improve the effectiveness of your in-line analytical measurements.

The document3 Reasons to Automate Sensor Cleaningsummarizes why automated sensor cleaning improves overall pH sensor maintenance operations and expenditure.

It describes in details how to:
•   Increase operator safety
•    Extend pH sensor lifetime
•    Reduce maintenance costs

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