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Making the Most of your Air Pollution Control Chemicals

By Nol Tec Systems |

Patented Lance-Less Sorbent Injection for Significant Savings

Lance-Less Sorbent Injection
Dry sorbent injection is a technology often used in the mitigation of various of air pollutants from utilities and industrial boilers. It offers a low-capital cost method to mitigate SO2, SO3, HCl, and Hg pollutants to meet increasingly strict emissions regulations. Current technology utilizes lances to inject sorbent materials into the flue gas ductwork. Lances can offer initial low capital cost. However, they can also deliver high operational costs. They often mix gas and sorbent inefficiently and/or disperse the sorbent chemicals ineffectively. Lances also have a strong tendency to plug, which means higher ongoing maintenance costs.

Nol-Tec has been working to develop an answer to these issues, while continuing to provide guaranteed regulatory compliance. Their latest product is an innovative injection technology that eliminates lances – Sorb-Tec™.

What is Sorb-Tec?
Sorb-Tec is a patented design for an injector that provides the most advanced method of introducing sorbent chemicals into a duct for pollutant control. The Sorb-Tec injector is fitted to the duct externally, replacing all lances used in the current system on a one-to-one basis. Sorb-Tec injectors enhance mixing and dispersion of the sorbent within the duct, using boosted air. This ensures lower sorbent usage and improved flexibility. Boosted mixing also increases the efficiency of the chemical reaction. Therefore, you can achieve instant savings on sorbent costs.

Reducing Costs

  • Reduce sorbent usage up to 40% through better chemical interaction

  • Minimize plugging significantly – there are no lances or other equipment in duct to plug

  • Reduce wear of equipment downstream from the injection site

  • Reduce landfill costs and/or improve ash sales because of diminished sorbent usage

Operations and Maintenance Enhancements

  • No modifications required to existing system - installation right where lances have been

  • No equipment penetrates the duct, eliminating interference with air and sorbent movement

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install

  • Can be configured within existing DCS

Increased Flexibility

  • Decrease pollutants by up to 25% beyond current levels achieved using traditional lances

  • Enhance flexibility and system fine-tuning for fuel and load changes as needed

  • Use with any sorbent, any system, and it is vendor neutral

  • Install as retrofit or on new systems

DSI/ACI Optimization

  • Can be installed in small spaces

  • Offers ability to move injection locations to areas lances can't fit

  • Capable of reducing number of injection points needed

Sorb-Tec technology is custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements, with on-site trials available to prove its performance benefits for your system.
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