Try before you buy for pneumatic conveying

By Nol Tec Systems |

No matter what type of pneumatic conveying systems or material handling conveyors you’re considering for your plant, the best way to ensure future production efficiencies and maximum profits is through comprehensive and verifiable testing. Nol-Tec Systems offers in-house testing for bulk material handling systems and on-site testing for dry sorbent injection. Our testing processes let you see our products in action so you can be confident that they will deliver the outcomes you need.

Testing for Bulk Material Handling Systems
You need reliable bulk material handling to ensure your processes run correctly. Nol-Tec’s state-of-the-art testing facility at our headquarters allows us to duplicate your field conditions. We can run trials with the exact materials you need to convey.

Every test is material, site, and application specific. We set up a pneumatic conveying system that is as exact a replica as possible of the set-up that would be in your plant. That includes the distance that your materials must be moved and the type of equipment we’d recommend for your needs. This test system will convey your actual materials for the most accurate results.

Our test engineers take extensive readings on the system’s rate, air consumption, material flow characteristics, product degradation statistics, and more – readings which match how the system will work at your facility. With this detailed analysis, we can design a proposed system, already knowing how it will perform in your application. Before you have to make a commitment to a major installation or upgrade, you’ll know it works.

We provide you with comprehensive test reports indicating air usage, system settings, and other key information. We can also provide test samples for your own analysis. And you are always welcome to join us at our site to see for yourself how our tests are run.

Our versatile test facility gives you confidence that Nol-Tec can meet or exceed your conveying system demands. Getting it right the first time saves you time, frustration, and costs.

Dry Sorbent Injection Verification
Our dry sorbent injection tests are also entirely application-specific. Our portable test system gives you full Sorb-N-Ject® functionality. We can adjust parameters as we test, to ensure our system design will achieve the best possible results for you in pollution abatement. The success of dry sorbent injection depends on factors such as:

• Materials being processed/pollutants being released
• What type of sorbent is use
• Where in your process the sorbent is injected
• The injection method used
• How much sorbent is used
• Retention time (how long the sorbent has to absorb pollutants)
• Process temperatures

Our testing covers all those important parameters. Dry sorbent injection testing can help you determine how to improve your current abatement measures so they can be more effective and less costly. Whatever your need, our on-site sorbent testing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly how our system will work in your process—before you buy.

Learn more about Nol-Tec’s testing expertise and how that experience can be put to use for you. Visit our website today for complete details and contact information.
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