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ETHYLENE Best Available Technology

By Zeeco |

Ethylene Burners

Ethylene application burners.

Lower your Investment, Raise your Expectations

Our focus on the whole combustion process is what makes Zeeco a leader in retrofitting or equipping ethylene cracking furnaces with the latest low, ultra-low and next generation emissions burner technology. Zeeco utilizes the patented Free-Jet mixing technology or internal flue gas recirculation (IFGR), providing the lowest NOx emissions available. ZEECO® burners are designed for compact spaces; reliable, safe, and stable operation; with no flame rollover; without flame interaction between burners; and with high turndown. With more than 200 successful ethylene cracking furnace installations, we have the experience and the technology to meet your application challenges.

Typical Olefins Burner Applications

• Retrofitting or equipping ethylene cracking furnaces with ultra low emissions burner technology

ZEECO Radiant Wall (RWSF) Burner

• Premixed/Staged Fuel Ultra-Low Emissions Radiant Wall Burner
• Predicted NOx emissions as low as 20 ppmv
• Reduces flashback and emissions by proprietary gas tip design
• Optional ZEECOLITE lightweight tile
• 304 stainless steel spun venture/mixer
• 310 stainless steel (type HK) gas tip

GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame Burner

• Flat flame burner utilizes internal flue gas recirculation (IFGR) technology
• Predicted NOx emissions as low as 35 ppmv
• High turndown of 15:1 or greater for most pcases
• No stabilization metal used in burner throat
• Low maintenance cost due to prolonged life design of burner tile and tips

ZEECO Free-Jet Ultra-Low NOx Burner

• Flat or round flame burner utilizes IFGR
• High turndown of 10:1 or greater for most cases
• Predicted NOx emissions as low as 15 ppmv
• No stabilization metal used in the burner throat
• Low maintenance cost due to prolonged life design of burner tile and tips

GLSF Single Jet Flame Burner

• Flat or round flame burner utilizes staged air and IFGR technology
• Predicted NOx emissions as low as 25 ppmv
• High turndown of 15:1 or greater for most cases
• No stabilization metal used in burner throat
• Low maintenance cost due to prolonged life design of burner tile and tips

Ethylene Applications

From the wellhead to chemical and petrochemical facilities worldwide, Zeeco has more than three decades of combustion experience, including the most challenging and innovative burner, flare, and thermal oxidizer projects in the world. Because Zeeco is a combustion company and not just solely a flare or a burner company, we take a more complete view of plant processes and interactions.

Big claims backed by solid research.

Zeeco’s expert engineering group goes the extra mile with every combustion solution we design. Our standard approach is anything but “standard.” We use advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model your specific process conditions against the actual equipment design, allowing us to accurately simulate flame behavior and interaction
under varying firing conditions, fuel types, and flows. The result? Combustion solutions with reliable, superior results and a system that lasts significantly longer.

The same commitment to excellence applies to our complete combustion testing process. Our Combustion Research and Test Facility, one of the largest in the industry, was the first in the world to become ISO 9001-2000 certified, and our staff strives to stay ahead of rapidly changing regulations and emission requirements. Zeeco’s Test Facility is equipped with two furnaces with 40-foot coils and multiple burner firing capacity to accurately simulate real world cracking furnace applications. With our flare testing facilities and multi-fuel capabilities from natural gas to butadiene and more, Zeeco can simulate flare system performance in a variety of conditions.

Aftermarket service.

Whether you need replacement flare tips, gas tips, ignition systems or pilot parts for Zeeco
equipment or other manufacturers, Zeeco’s parts and service team is ready to help. When you call, you talk to an experienced combustion expert. Quick turnarounds for quotes, fast shipping for parts, and top-notch diagnostics and service—We’re there when you need us, worldwide. We understand how proper training for operators prolongs the life of your
olefins equipment, reduces long-term maintenance costs and protects the safety of employees.

The Zeeco difference.

Our only business is the combustion business. By concentrating on what we do best, Zeeco has grown into a worldwide leader in combustion solutions. We are a privately held company whose ownership stays highly involved in daily operations, with upper management comprised of the world’s leading combustion experts. When you call Zeeco,
we answer. When you make a request, you get a quick, efficient response. We are lean and efficient, able to make decisions quickly, without bureaucracy and red tape. Our sales, engineering, and purchasing groups work hand-in-hand to deliver highly competitive quotes and heroic turnaround times. We stand ready to travel anywhere in the world to
discuss upcoming projects firsthand, and to ensure that every existing project runs seamlessly.


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